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Homeopathy in Yorkshire by Aileen Smith 

I've been a practicing homeopath for many years now & during that time 

I have been able to use my skills and experience to help many people deal with their conditions, helping them on the way to recovery. That's one of the reasons why I believe so passionately in homeopathy - and the good that it can do. I have a folder full of messages from clients saying things like "thank for for changing my life" and "I'd forgotten what it was like to feel well". You can find some testimonials on this web site. Take 5 minutes to read them and you'll see exactly why I love homeopathy so much. 

Life's traumas 

Life is full of traumas - events which knock us off balance. Sometimes we experience a physical injury, maybe as a result of an accident, which affects our whole body, well beyond the injured part, as well as our mood and our outlook on life. Sometimes it is an event like divorce, loss of employment, bereavement or other psychological blow that damages our self confidence and with it our whole outlook on life. We just don't seem able to shake it off and get on with the rest of our lives, without some help. 

Some common examples 

So what are the types of problem that are really hard to shake off. Here are a few examples from my casebook: 
the death of a parent, other relative or good friend. 
a car accident or a fall 
losing a baby or post natal depression 
an operation 
being bullied at school or failing my exams 
divorce or other broken relationships 
money problems, loss of a job or unemployment 
having pneumonia 
All of these events can have a traumatic effect on our lives and the way we cope with the future. I can use Homeopathy to help guide you through towards recovery - back to the normality that most people enjoy. Our children are important to us. Mine are to me ...thats why I turned to homeopathy over 30 years ago with great success. Learn how homeopathy can be used with your babies, children, and teenagers to treat:colic, bed wetting, teething problems, asthma, earache, exam nerves, period pain...and so much more 

Recovering from illness 

The body's health system is a wonderful thing. Whenever we get ill, the body's immune system usually kicks in and starts the recovery process, without us really knowing what it is doing. We can effectively recover from a range of ailments without any help. Everyone recognises that warmth, rest and sleep can all help in this recovery process. However, sometimes our immune system just needs a little extra help - a boost, if you like. Without some help, we just aren't able to shake off the illness or get over the problem. So we feel run down and depressed - which makes the problem worse, not better. That's when we need some extra help - that's when homeopathy has a valuable role to play. 

I'd like to help you 

Phone me today and I'll be glad to help you too, as I have done with many others. Picking up the phone could be your first step towards a healthier future. Do it now! Call me today on: 01845 537 534 or 07989 265 525 


My son Jacob, was an extremely sick baby. He had lost weight and wheezed terribly when breathing. His sinuses were clogged he could only sleep sitting upright. After four months of hospital appointments and numerous tests (including sweat test for cystic fibrosis), we were told that they were unsure what Jacob was suffering with. It was put down to a severe viral infection and we were told that he would eventually fight this off himself. At eight months old, he lay still and quiet, unable to roll over; all his energy was being used on surviving.It was at this point we contacted Aileen. In four weeks after Jacob’s initial consultation, the change in this little boy was astounding. He could breathe with ease, sleep without suffering, he became bright and bubbly, and gained a wonderful amount of weight.After the second consultation, Jacob was crawling around after his big brother, desperate to join in the fun. At ten months old he is now spirited and vivacious; all his energy is being used on living and thriving.Everyone who knows Jacob is amazed at the change in him since Aileen’s treatment; it is nothing short of a miracle....and I mean every word of that, Aileen, and would like to take this opportunity to thank you for what you have done for Jacob and, of course, us as a family. 
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