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Homeopathy in Yorkshire by Aileen Smith 

Homeopath Practicing in North Yorkshire 

My name is Aileen Smith and I am a homeopath practicing in North Yorkshire, England. Please take a look at my web site and if you would like to know more about what I do, please give me a call or send me an email. 
Aileen Smith D.Hom M.A.R.H 

About me 

I am a compassionate, open, empathic, gentle and loving person, who continues to be fascinated and inspired by homeopathy. I have the abilities and skills to facilitate people in discovering their own unique qualities and strengths, enabling them to make choices and feel esteem for them selves. I am passionate about homeopathy, I have used it through out the generations in my family, and now my children are using it with their off spring. I am inspired when working with children, they often respond very quickly to homeopathy, because their vital force is soon stimulated back into balance. It is very safe and effective, can be used along side conventional medicine and is non toxic. 
I was very impressed by the effectiveness of homeopathic remedies, and found the philosophy behind it very interesting, so I decided a few years later to do the training. I trained with Professor Steven Russell at the International College of Holistic Medicine for four years. Since I completed my Diploma in Homeopathy, I have continued my professional development attending seminars and I have just completed a two year course with Madeline Evans. 
This training focussed on specific areas, for treating teenagers, pre,and post natal remedies / pregnancy, labour, birth and baby treatment, autoimmune system related problems etc. This also included learning all about the new remedies which are now available. My past training as a bereavement counsellor and acquired skills in mentoring Self Esteem Enhancement courses are further tools which I can use to help people reach their potential. 


Homeopathy is one of the most widely used forms of medicine in the world today. 


ASTHMA: My interest in the miracle of Homeopathy was growing daily so I decided to take my son to see Aileen also. He had suffered chronic asthma since he was three (now 7yrs, old) His asthma was mainly caused by a developed pollen allergy, however, a common cold or swimming were also his asthma triggers.He began to spend more and more time absent from school due to chest infections and coughs. My son was prescribed steroid inhalers (brown and blue) from the doctor’s’ which he had relied upon until meeting Aileen.Since Aileen saw him, he has managed the whole summer without any drug inhalers and I no longer feel the need to take his inhaler everywhere we go (something I thought I would never say). 
His daily barking and wheezing is a thing of the past and I no longer worry when he goes over to a friend’s house on a hot windy summer day. I am grateful that I have found something that is a natural cure. His quality of life has dramatically improved, as has my anxiety over his wellbeing.I owe Aileen a debt of gratitude and I cannot recommend the homeopathic option (and Aileen in particular) highly enough. In addition I now utilise and believe in the potential of the other remedies for other ailments. 
- Jo from the North East 
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