What is Homeopathy?


Homeopathy is an effective way of healing, using a minute trace of natural substance token from plants and minerals. It stimulates the body’s natural healing process. Recognising that all symptoms of ill health are expressions of disharmony within the whole person, it is the person who needs treatment, not the disease.

Homeopathy - its origins

Homeopathy was developed by German doctor Samuel Hahnemann in 1796. He recognised two types of diseases:
acute, which were temporary and could be overcome with time and treatment and
chronic, ongoing problems, which had more serious implications for the patient.
He also realised that there were two ways of treating ill health: the way of opposites and the way of similars.

Conventional medicine (allopathy) uses the way of opposites, that is, ‘the disease’ must be treated by its opposite, ‘the cure’. Unfortunately, the drugs used can cause side effects or addictions.

The homeopathic way

Homeopathy uses the way of similars, that is, ‘like cures like’: a medicine that produces symptoms of disease in a healthy person will cure a person who has the disease.
Using natural substances in minute dosages means that there are no resultant side effects or addictions.

To illustrate this, take the case of a patient with insomnia. The conventional doctor, or Allopath, will give a drug to bring about artificial sleep. The Homeopath, using the way of similars will give the patient a minute dose of a substance that would, in large doses, bring about sleeplessness in a healthy person. This will enable the patient to sleep naturally.

We are all individuals with our own unique set of characteristics. Your reaction to a treatment may be very different to that of another person with the same complaint. The Homeopath knows how to match the correct remedy to the patient’s condition, and most importantly how the patient’s own profile could be preventing them from achieving full health.


A couple of testimonials:

I struggled with severe eczema for many years before meeting up with Aileen. I would wake up in the morning and my first thought would “what will my skin be like today?”The Homeopathic medicines I received from her affected me profoundly. Since using Aileen’s prescribed remedies I have not used prescription drugs for ten months now. I advise anyone with eczema to look down the homeopathic route.
The results have been life changing for me and my confidence and appearance has greatly improved. Eczema was a constant irritant in my life and it affected the way I lived my life.
I no longer feel controlled my eczema as I can finally control it!

My interest in the miracle of homeopathy was growing daily so I decided to take my son to see Aileen also. He had suffered chronic asthma since he was three (now 7yrs, old) His asthma was mainly caused by a developed pollen allergy, however, a common cold or swimming were also his asthma
He began to spend more and more time absent from school due to chest infections and coughs. My son was prescribed steroid inhalers (brown and blue) from the doctor’s’ which he had relied upon until meeting Aileen.

Since Aileen saw him, he has managed the whole summer without any drug inhalers and I no longer feel the need to take his inhaler everywhere we go (something I thought I would never say). His daily barking and wheezing is a thing of the past and I no longer worry when he goes over to a friend’s house on a hot windy summer day. I am grateful that I have found something that is a natural cure. His quality of life has dramatically improved, as has my anxiety over his wellbeing.
I owe Aileen a debt of gratitude and I cannot recommend the homeopathic option (and Aileen in particular) highly enough. In addition I now utilise and believe in the potential of the other remedies for other ailments.
Jo from the north east.

Statutory disclaimer: Homeopathy is a complementary therapy and should not be viewed as a replacement for conventional medicine or treatment. You should always seek advice from your family doctor.